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Do you provide in-home service?

I provide in-home service for newborn session. Fees may apply depends on where you live.


What if my baby arrives early or late? Can we reschedule?

Yes, definitely. I only take 3 bookings a week which allows plenty of time for rescheduling. Please keep me update through the final stage of your pregnancy in case there is any change.


Have you had any clients who did the 1-month confinement and then come for the photos at 1 month old instead of 2weeks old?

Yes, I have. In fact, I have shot quite a lot of 1-month-old babies. Newborn photos are best to be done when babies are within 2 weeks to achieve those tiny, squishy looks. At one month age, they are still quite curly so we can still safely pose them. All babies are different. With a one-month-old sometimes we will be able to capture their beautiful open eyes and a lot of funny expressions. I will always have something that suits your little munchkin. My studio has indoor parking and the elevator beside the car park will take you right to my door. So you will not be exposed to the outdoor environment.


Do I get the original files?

The editing that I do to the images is part of my artistic style, therefore, original files will not be given, as is the case with all respected professional photographers. The final work you receive will be in high-resolution with NO logo or watermark.


What if my baby is awake and crying during the session?

Newborn babies within 2 weeks usually sleep quite well as long as they are fed and burped. I will have white noise on during the session which helps them to stay asleep. In a very rare case that the baby is very upset and we are not able to continue we will reschedule the session.


How and when do we pay?

A $200 deposit (session fee) through bank transfer is required to secure your place when you book with me. Remaining balance is required to be paid prior to your session or on the session day.


Are the props safe for babies?

I will never use any breakable props such as glass or ceramic in any session. I make sure the bowls and baskets are steady enough and I always have a spotter nearby. The wraps are washed after every session with ultra-sensitive laundry liquid. All the flowers I use are artificial.

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